Reasons to Use Cloth Banners in Trade Display Signs

Posted by Rogue Sign Shop on 18th Dec 2019

Reasons to Use Cloth Banners in Trade Display Signs

Cloth banners have become an integral part of advertising for the modern business owner. A cloth banner display is inviting to visitors and the great thing is that cloth can be incorporated into any company’s display. Experts regard cloth banners as the most economical, versatile trade signs for any business globally. Banners are simple, consisting of only a basic stand and an inexpensive fabric panel. It is a cheap way to advertise a business venture in a unique fashion.

Here are some more reasons why you should use cloth banners for your future trade display signs:

Unlike other types of trade signs used by businesses, it is possible to wash cloth banners so that they are never unappealing. Washing a trade show not only saves you money but also keeps it looking beautiful for potential customers to behold.

Being extremely lightweight, you can store and transport these banners to any location without much of a hassle. It is easier to preserve the beauty of a cloth banner compared with any other. Portability is a great advantage of cloth banners and even better is that the graphic panels may be switched up as needed. This means you do not have to carry heavy luggage to and from a trade show.

On cloth banners, the ink is totally bonded to the fabric, giving images a more realistic appearance. This is possible because unlike with inkjet printers the colors aren’t printed as individual dots. Cloth banners deliver a sharper, brighter image comparable to none. Being so bright means that your message can be read from afar and therefore gives you a better chance of making sales.

The fact that cloth banners are unique when used as trade signs gives your business more competitive edge. People will be interested to find out more about the trendy venture and soon the visitors will soon transform into sales.

Before paying for any banner, make sure that the company only uses the highest quality fabric that will withstand the elements and last a long time. The fabric of choice must also meet the National Fire Protection Agency requirements for use at trade shows and conventions. Buying a cloth banner from a trusted business is the only way to ensure that it meets standards for safety and durability. A good cloth banner should be made of flame-retardant material among other features to safeguard you. All of Rogue Sign Shop's fabric meets fire protection requirements.